Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Heart Cranberry

I love the smell and taste of cranberries, not only because they are packed with Vitamin C, but also because they have a crisp and refreshing quality. In honor of the warmer weather, I've begun making myself a Spring Spritzer composed of one part Ocean Spray White Cranberry & Peach Juice and two parts gingerale with a slice of lime. So delish! My love of cranberry has also caused me to seek out beauty products that contain this ingredient. My favorite product so far is Arcona Triad Pads Refresh. These pink toner pads contain cranberry, touted on the label for it's "anti-microbial" properties, plus loads of good for you nutrients and vitamins including Vitamin E and Omega 3s. Best of all, these pads smell incredibly like a combo of cranberry mixed with a subtle hint of rose. They have a slightly abrasive texture, making them perfect to use in lieu of an exfoliating scrub. I'm all about multi-tasking, so I love that this product works as a cleanser, toner, and exfoliant all in one. A pad swiped across my face before bed leaves my skin gleaming, break-out free, and soft. Health and beauty benefits all from one little berry... now what could be better than that?

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