Monday, March 17, 2008

Fro-Yo Fix

Whenever I go to Bloomingdales I have to stop at Forty Carrots for a frozen yogurt. I usually have plain yogurt with rainbow sprinkles on top. I love the creamy texture and richness of Forty Carrots' yogurt. It's thicker than Pinkberry, which I find to be a bit too icy at times, and it has a refreshing tartness. However, I just saw a review in New York Magazine that cited Lord & Taylor's Larry Forgione's Signature Cafe as the best place to get your fro-yo fix. The mag explains that it's the same type of yogurt you get at Forty Carrots, but served in an environment with a more low key vibe, described specifically as "a stuck-in-time hangout of grannies who lunch." That's exactly the kind of old fashioned frozen yogurt experience I'm craving, after being bombarded with the sheer assembly-line modernity of fro-yo chains. Plus, you can get your yogurt topped with "Michigan-made preserves." It's time to get back to our frozen yogurt roots on Lord & Taylor's sixth floor. Don't forget the sprinkles!

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Sarah Alice said...

I'm also a fan of the chocolate covered mint sticks from Bloomingdales....hmmm.

Mons said...


i found the fleur de sel ice cream in a local grocery store in my neighborhood and all i can say is MMM MMM MMMM. thank you for the recommendation, its definitely one of my favorites now!

lady m