Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Beast Speaks: Modern Furniture Fetish

When my girlfriend announced to me shortly after we began seeing one another that she “doesn’t wear mass produced clothing,” I was taken aback and my suburban, mall-going sensibilities slightly offended. I became much more empathic as my burgeoning furniture fetish developed toward the same discriminating tendency. To celebrate this sympathy of tastes, here are a couple of design pieces to match even your chicest fashions.

Best remembered as the innovative director of Herman Miller and as designer of the ubiquitous Nelson Bench, George Nelson offers up his refined functionalism in this enameled steel cabinet with glass top. For an updated take on the modern aesthetic consider this table from Dominique Mathieu in yellow Plexiglas with a lacquered base. Though witness to your good taste, be forewarned; these pieces may upstage even your most sophisticated look.

photo credit: Miguel Saco Gallery (

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