Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter Whites

It's officially freezing again in New York City and I'm not giving in! Being a creature of habit, I decided to brave the elements and walk home from school. Well the cold air sure did wake me up, and along the route home I found myself stopping into basically any store I could find to supposedly browse, but realistically to take refuge from the arctic chill. Subsequently, I visited 3 shoe stores, 2 Starbucks', a Duane Reade, and a patisserie where I purchased a chocolate and raspberry macaroon. Feeling dejected by the fact that my faux fur hat, down comforter-like coat, and carpenter's mittens weren't doing the trick, I swore under my breath that I hate winter. However, my feelings quickly changed when I spotted the most amazing winter white Goyard tote carried by a statuesque model clad in all black. I quickly had visions of myself dressed in my Kova & T latex leggings and Privee black satin jacket walking down 9th avenue, a white Goyard tote on my shoulder. While I momentarily forgot my frigid state, all this daydreaming caused me to bang into a cranky man who unfortunately didn't share my vision, but even that didn't ruin my new found enthusiasm for winter.

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Anonymous said...

If the weather is still miserable on Thursday you can cheer yourself up with a red velvet cupcake from Billy's and then take refuge at Barneys warehouse sale which begins that day ( tomorrow). What a perfect Valentine's Day treat!