Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Roses are Red...

Though spring temperatures have arrived in NYC, the wet weather is making it foggy and dreary outside. On days like this, all my good intentions to be productive and get through all my art history reading assignments are thwarted by my desire to stay in and indulgently curl up with a magazine.

While I don't usually read Martha Stewart Living, today while getting tea I passed a newsstand and the cover caught my eye. It featured a luscious crimson background with a huge heart made of yellow, pink, and red roses. It cheered me up immediately because Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.

Consequently, I have chosen to start celebrating the holiday a bit early this year,
partly because it makes me happy and partly because it gives me the opportunity to wear my favorite rose red wool jacket by Camilla and Marc with bright golden buttons. I plan to wear it tomorrow and pick up some fuschia and yellow roses on the way home from school, so that I'll really feel like it's Spring.

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monica locsin said...

i was so happy to receive your e-mail with your blog address! i really enjoy reading your blog, please keep on writing! you have inspired me to go back to one of my hobbies which is writing. miss you and hope to see u soon!