Friday, February 15, 2008

Ritual Cleansing

In her paintings, the Impressionist Mary Cassatt elevated the mundane act of bathing to an art. In her two Japoniste aquatints, both entitled "The Bath" from 1891, Cassatt, who was an avid collector of Japanese prints, employed their stylistic devices of tilted perspective, flat planes of color, and continuous contour line. Similarly influenced by Japanese sources, Red Flower's Wild Cherry Blossom line is inspired by a multi-step Japanese cleansing ritual. The Wild Cherry Blossom Rice Buff is a small pouch filled with rice bran and cherry blossoms among other skin soothing ingredients that you are meant to immerse in warm water and then rub directly onto your face and body. It stimulates circulation, smells like you are basking under a grove of cherry trees in spring, and imparts a luminous sheen. This is the most elegant exfoliant I have ever used. I followed this step with a spritz of the Rose Camellia Plum Soft Water Mist, which also has a delightfully light scent and left my skin incredibly soft. I was so relaxed after using these products before bed that I promptly drifted off into a deep sleep afterwards and awoke with sparkling rosy skin.


Katie said...

Hello, I came across your blog via New York, New York search. I studied Mary Cassatt in History of Visual Arts in College. I was very into Impressionism and women in art. love that you are writing about her as well as these products!

Anonymous said...

Discovered your blog; have read every posting; I am impressed not only with your knowledge, but by your writing ability. I am now an avid fan and look forward to your future postings.