Saturday, February 9, 2008

Parterre de l'Orangerie

I am awfully opinionated about my perfume selections. Not only must the scent transport me in an escapist manner to an edenic locale, but it must also be contained within a glass bottle that's sleek enough to display on my shelf. Though these criteria may not seem that extreme, the real challenge is that the perfume must change, chameleon-like, once I spray it on my wrists, blending with my body chemistry to create a complex and personal scent. Serge Lutens' Fleurs D'Oranger exceeds even my high standards. Not only does it carry a light floral essence with a hint of fresh cantaloupe, but it dries down, lingering in the guise of a delicate aroma of white hydrangea and of saltwater on skin warmed by the sun. Notably, the elegantly slim bottle recalls the formal and opulent luxury of the Palace of Versaille. When I spritz it on I feel transported to the Parterre de l'Orangerie, and what could possibly be more edenic than the lush orange groves of Louis XIV?


Mons said...

i think you'll love petit cherie by annick goutal as well. its one of my favorites! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that scent can be transporting. Whenever I need a quick lift I slice open a lemon or lime for my water and the oils from the lemon or lime skin spray into the air and smell tropical. Starting the day with a touch of Olio di Jasmin hair serum by Oscar Blandi or using Alora Due aromatherapy near a breezy open window are other quick ways to joyfully scent your life.

Unknown said...

You smell nice, so I compliment your l'orange. Citrus accents are splendid, and I very much enjoy scents by the likes of Hanae Mori. Japanese designers also have the unique ability of using musk without it smelling like a taxidermied elk head.