Wednesday, February 27, 2008


recently become obsessed
the book
Pictures and have taken to looking through it frequently and picturing myself and my friends ice skating gracefully on a lake in Switzerland dressed in luxurious outerwear. Maybe I need a vacation. Seriously though, this book is such a fun winter indulgence to read before bed. I can almost guarantee that you'll have dreams of being a Swiss ice princess. Jacques-Henri Lartigue, an acclaimed twentieth-century photographer who vacationed in the Alps, captures the ebullient enthusiasm of going on holiday in this collection of black and white photos of elegant members of European society partaking in various winter sporting activities. Even if I can't actually get to Saint Moritz at the moment, I can still properly accessorize for the season. Barney's Antipast striped gloves are the perfect understated accompaniment to a vintage fur hat and chic ski outfit from Gorsuch. Now all I need are some skiing lessons.

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