Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flora & Fauna

I returned from a peaceful long- weekend sojourn in the country last night to a messy apartment, a noisy heater, and the sound of club kids screaming outside my window. I'm a city girl at heart, but sometimes it gets a little intense, even for me. I desperately tried to hold onto my vacation induced state of zen as I was attempting to fall asleep while the taxis honked and the heater sputtered, but I just couldn't seem to relax, and I spent the night fitfully tossing and turning. However, when I woke up bleary eyed I began to unpack my travel tote and I instantly felt my heart jump with excitement when I pulled out one of my souvenirs from the country. These white, floral ballet flats from a suburban Target in Connecticut are chic in a Parisian sort of way, very ladylike, remind me that Spring is almost here, and comfortably cradle my feet in a cushioned lining. Best of all, though they look expensive, they cost only $11.99!! With the predominance of floral motifs in the Spring fashions, this is an excellent way to get the luxe look for less. In addition to my floral memento from the country, this whimsical Deer Tray from ibride will remind me of the fauns that I saw gamboling in the meadow at sunset and will look stylish hung up on the wall in my entryway. I'm counting the days until my next vacation, but in the meantime, these reminders of the country are sure to make the transition back to city life a little bit easier.

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