Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cleo Convert

I must confess that I don't really like yogurt. I find it to be too filling and creamy and the sour taste a bit unpleasant. When I heard about Cleo, an Italian line of products whose main ingredient is yogurt, I was not too optimistic, but figured that I would give it a try as the price was a mere $4.95 for a shower gel (which Cleo refers to as shower cream) and $7.99 for a body cream. I ordered the shower gel in the Chocolate variety and the body cream in Cherry. When the package arrived, I pulled out the bright pink Candy Land-esque plastic bottles and headed for the shower. I was nothing short of impressed with the body wash that produced a creamy lather with a smell akin to a cup of hot chocolate and the thick white body cream that was light and cooling and smelled like cherry blossoms. Now that I'm a Cleo convert I plan to try the other scent varieties such as Sugar and Cereals. The products smell good enough to eat, and thanks to Cleo I've finally discovered a way to actually enjoy yogurt without having to use a spoon!

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