Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beauty's Other Half Speaks: Beauty & the Beast in Chelsea

While I frequently, and gratefully, sleep over at my girlfriend’s apartment, doing so exposes me to the cloying attack of scented candles meant to evoke fragrances best reserved for the dessert plate. L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Parfum de Feuilles (Scent of Leaves) candle offers welcome relief to this all-too-common affliction. Described as “a blend of lightly aromatic herbs, vine tomatoes, basil, and mint,” it most closely recalls the leaves of a tomato plant when closely worked. Bracing and slightly astringent, the aroma disperses fully, yet without that dripping-down-the-wall heaviness typical of other candles.

photo of tomato plant: courtesy of 1976design.com/blog

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Flash said...

Tocca Cleopatra candle scented with cucumber and grapefruit is also a light, easy, naturally clean scent to enjoy.