Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Are You a Snow White or a Rose Red?

In fairy tales the world is an idealized place. There is a moral to the story, virtue prevails over vice and lessons are learned. Sibling rivalry doesn't even seem to exist in the world of the Brother's Grimm. For example in the tale of Snow White and Rose Red, these two sisters who are seemingly opposite beauties (Snow White is a homebody, whereas Rose Red is a wild child) live in peaceful harmony with no fighting over closet space, beauty products, or boys. Can opposites really coexist without any negative backlash? When I tried By Terry's Creme de Rose I was wary. I have oily skin and this moisturizer is ostensibly for "dry or sensitive skin," the type of product which I usually try to keep as far away from my face as possible for fear of breakouts. I realized however that my fears were irrational when after applying this light luxurious hydrator that contains White Rose, Black Rose, and Indian Lotus to my face and massaging gently I not only felt like I was strolling under Monet's "Flowering Arches at Giverny," but also had glowing soft skin afterwards with no residue. I love using products with smells that transport and relax me. So maybe I will stop being so cynical and realize that sometimes opposites do attract.

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